GCSE Results Day 2020 : Webinar

Not sure what to expect on GCSE results day? Watch this webinar from Youth Employment UK to get answers to all your questions.

The webinar was hosted by Lauren Mistry, Careers and Guidance Expert Julie Poppleton, Sharon Blyfield and Samah from Coca-Cola European Partners. The webinar was attended by this year’s GCSE students asking experts, employers, graduates and school leavers who have been working through the pandemic asking the burning questions you NEED to know!

Watch the GCSE Results Day Webinar below…

FAQs answered in the webinar include:

What do I do if I fail? 
Who will help me if I need to retake my exams in autumn? Will I go back to school for that time? Will I be revising for all my exams by myself?
Shall I retake all my GCSE’s are there ones I should focus on and how do I know which ones are important?
Even though I am planning to do A levels, will employers look at my GCSE results in the future and not want to hire me?
If I get good grades can I do an apprenticeship now or do I have to wait until I am 18? Are there many apprenticeships for under 18s?
What is the best thing about doing an apprenticeship?
Can I still go to University if I do an apprenticeship

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For more information, please email info@youthemployment.org.uk or call 01536 513388.

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