Fair Employment: Good Youth Employment Charter

Fair Employment is one of the five core principles of the Good Youth Employment Charter. Find out more, then sign the Charter.

Why is Fair Employment a core principle of good youth employment?

As an employer, you can provide good quality employment opportunities for young people, such as apprenticeships, graduate roles, entry level jobs and supported internships.

You’ll offer fair and safe opportunities and rewards in accordance with the highest industry standards.

How can employers embed fair employment for young people?

Review workforce development needs and identify areas where young people can be brought into the organisation such as apprenticeships, school leaver, entry level or graduate roles.

Ensure your pay and reward system for young staff is aligned to industry standards, or the Living Wage Foundation.

What does ‘good’ look like when instilling fair employment for young people in your workplace?

  • Regularly review workforce development plans and look for opportunities to employ young people.
  • Become a Living Wage employer and work with industry bodies and providers to set pay scale bands
  • Review reward structure on a regular basis with colleagues across the whole business
  • Look to offer flexible working options for young people
  • Promote good health and safety practice
  • Offer an inclusive working environment where people are confident and able to bring their whole selves to work
  • Create roles  that meet the needs of diverse young people. Recognise and overcome the barriers that those from lower socio-economic background, those with disabilities, care leavers and other protected groups will have with applying and accessing work.

Who can support your organisation?

  • 5 % Club
  • Business in the Community
  • Industry bodies
  • Living Wage Foundation
  • Local college and providers
  • Movement to Work
  • Youth Employment UK

Sign the Good Youth Employment Charter

The Good Youth Employment Charter has been developed in collaboration with a range of youth employment experts and young people.

It aims to provide a framework to support, inspire and recognise all those employers who are committed to providing good quality opportunities to young people.

By signing the charter you are agreeing to work towards a set of principles and to being recognised as a Youth Friendly Employer.

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For more information, please email info@youthemployment.org.uk or call 01536 513388.

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