Exam Results Helpline Poster 2018

exam results helpline poster

Results day is nearly here… and your trusty Exam Results Helpline opens on 7th August for Scottish students and 16th August for A-level students in England!

What is the Exam Results Helpline?

It’s a number you can call with careers advice experts on the other end who can help you with any questions you have about your exam results (A-levels on 16th August and GCSEs on 23rd August).

Clearing, resits, remarks, alternative courses, colleges and universities… you name it, they can handle it. Oh, and they can help you with any career questions like gap years, student finance, job hunting or starting your own business, too.

Here is an Exam Results Helpline Poster to print out and keep.

Pin it to your wall where you can see it.

Why? Well, you’re unlikely to forget the day your results come through, even when time stretches like rubber during summer holidays and it’s hard to know if it’s Wednesday or Saturday.

But if your results aren’t what you expected, your first thoughts might be to panic. This Exam Results Helpline poster will help to remind you that you don’t need to panic.

Exam results helpline poster png

Download poster as PDF

Any help and advice you get with one of over a thousand careers advisers on the Exam Results Helpline will be honest, independent, and up to date.

Download and keep the 2018 Exam Results Helpline poster so you know who to call when your exam results come through. Whatever results day brings, you have lots of options!

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