Explore Work Experience

Work experience helps you get a taste of what you might enjoy in the world!

What is work experience?

Work experience is a great way to build your skills and your CV and find out what you could enjoy doing in the world of work. PLUS – it helps you to explore the range of careers out there. What work interests YOU?

1. Watch the videos.
2. Download and use your digital workbook.

This virtual guide aims to introduce you to the world of work. The videos and workbook on this page are here to complement each other. Inside the workbook you will find questions, quizzes and activities to help you digest and think about what you have learnt from each video. The workbook is yours to keep, remember to download it to your device and make sure it saves your answers as you go.

Teachers, Career Advisers and Work Coaches – check out the suggested lesson plan resource at the bottom of this page

Watch this video, then you’re ready to begin!

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Watch these videos to answer your work experience questions

Download & use your editable workbook

Completing your workbook activities will take about an hour.

Learn about the world of work, the range of amazing careers that exist and the opportunities that are open to you.

Choose one of these two workbooks for your age range

Click on the digital workbook that matches your age. Save it to your device (a PC or laptop works best). Then open it on your device and you’re ready to begin!

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I am aged 16 – 19

Teacher Resources

Guidance for teachers

Thank you for taking an interest in this programme.

You can download full guidance for using this Explore Work Experience virtual programme in Word doc or PDF format, as you prefer.

This guide aims to help you understand how to use and get the most from the programme and the supporting resources freely available from Youth Employment UK for all 14-24 year olds across the UK.

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Teachers… this full-length showreel is for you.

Watch all the video segments in one go.

The entire Virtual Work Experience Guide takes just over 15 minutes to watch. It has been split into 9 viewable segments above for the benefit of learners.