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How can Further Education and Higher Education help you shape a life and career you love?

School leavers have a lot of options.

If you’ve left school and you want to learn more before getting started in a career, you have lots of options open. There’s that big choice between doing a university degree and a further education course in college. Then again, you may be a graduate with degree and are now thinking “what next?”

Let’s talk next steps…

From choosing your next step for college or university learning to finding out what you can do with the qualifications you’ve earned, we’re here for you.

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The difference between Further Education and Higher Education

Further Education (FE)…

Further Education (FE) is any education you receive on top of what you did at secondary school that helps you progress into Higher Education (HE) or follow a specific career path, like being a an engineer or accountant. The FE qualifications you get are often vocation-based, which means they’re to do with specific jobs or career paths. It can help you to think of them as an equivalent to A-levels. They can take the form of awards, certificates, diplomas and other competency-based qualifications. They are most often studied at FE colleges after you leave school.

Higher Education…

Higher Education (HE) is the next level up of education offered at universities and some FE colleges.

In addition to bachelor’s and master’s degrees, HE qualifications can include foundation degrees, PGCEs, HNCs and HNDs.

HE qualifications can be both vocational and academic, depending on what you’re studying.

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