Cycle and walk safely in Youth Friendly West Midlands with the Active Travel Fund Package

Now you can find it easier to travel about town in the West Midlands than ever before, with pop-up cycle lanes and more!

As we all respond and recover from Covid-19, the West Midlands Active Travel Fund Package includes a range of measures to enable you to cycle or walk safely around your neighbourhoods and town centres. These schemes include local measures that prioritise active travel, making it easier for you to access local services and enjoy the spaces around you.

The package includes bold initiatives such as pop-up cycle lanes that keep cyclists separate from traffic along busy routes or provide more space for walking by expanding footways. The projects below highlight the locations of planned or existing temporary measures in the West Midlands – take a look and have your say on the places that matter to you.

Creating spaces that work for you

The Government has announced an Emergency Active Travel Fund (EATF), working with local authorities across the country to encourage more active travel. This will support the delivery of temporary schemes. Our recent Covid-19 travel survey concluded that 81% of you would like cleaner air, and 65% of respondents would like to be more active. In response to that, more than 45 projects will be introduced, including pop-up cycle lanes and pavement widening. These new measures will help you:

  • Travel safely and securely
  • Get workers and businesses back up and running
  • Support school travel and keep children and families safe
  • Keep air clean, reduce carbon emissions, improve mental health and increase physical activity that have resulted through lockdown
  • Support a green recovery

Our roll and stroll campaign offers information about activities, tips and links to help you keep moving.

Stay up-to-date on projects near you:

Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall, Wolverhampton

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