Coronavirus: BTEC Results Day 2020 information for students

Although the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted study and exams, students will still get BTEC results. Read our FAQs for everything you need to know.

When is BTEC Results Day in 2020?

BTEC Results Day will occur on 13th August 2020.

However, the actual date might depends on if your course had exams or just coursework. It also depends on when your tutors submitted all the paperwork to the examining board.

Some BTEC results will be published at the end of July. That’s a few weeks before A-level results get released, so it gives you a bit of extra time to secure your place at university!

Some school hand out their BTEC results on the same day as A-level Resuts Day. If you’re a student who’s combining BTECs with A-levels, that could mean you get all your results in one go.

Will students still get  their BTEC results?

Yes. Check if you need to collect your results in person, or if they’ll be emailed or sent to you by post. Do this before you break up for the summer holidays, so you’ve got peace of mind.

How are the BTEC grades for 2020 awarded, with learning affected by COVID-19?

Ofqual have said that they will “provide those students who had planned to take exams and assessments this summer… with a grade calculated by awarding organisations, as long as we can be assured that those awards are sufficiently valid and reliable.”

That means you’ll be getting a calculated grade on the work you’ve completed so far. That’s great, but what if you’re in one of those (very) rare situations that it doesn’t apply to your BTEC course? If you’re in this situation, Ofqual have issued a Plan B. They add that “those who are completing programmes of study that are linked directly to occupational or professional competence will still need to take an assessment to ensure that their qualification is a valid reflection of their abilities, particularly in high stakes occupational areas.”

So you might need to take an assessment, in some rare cases, but these will either be carried out as safely as possible in lockdown, or delayed until “as soon as is possible in the autumn term.”

Are BTEC grades for 2020 worth having?

Yes. Very much so.

If you’re a student worrying that your BTEC results will hold less value because they were impacted by Coronavirus, please don’t worry too much. The grades awarded will have equal status to grades in previous years. Your BTEC grades should also be treated the same way as they always have been by universities, colleges and employers.

What happens once you get your BTEC results?

Level 1 and Level 2 BTEC results

Passing these is likely to give you the entry requirements for the next level of BTEC course. Do check, though, because some level 3+ BTECs might need merit or distinction grades, not purely passes. If you’re not sure, have a chat with your tutor about your options.

Level 3 BTEC results

Remember: your BTEC level 3 results are a great alternative to A-levels (and you might be combining them with GCSEs or the equivalent too). Your level 3 BTEC results open all kinds of doors, from apprenticeships to university. Since BTEC results come with pass / merit / distinction gades, you can count up your UCAS points to see if you meet the entry requirements for your uni course of choice.

Once you get your level 3 BTEC results, your examining board start releasing them to UCAS between July and August. UCAS will then match them to your application and let any universities you’ve been offered places with know youre results.

You may get your results before your chosen university does – if this is the case, get in touch with your university directly. It will help them speed up the confirmation of your results, and you can then say ‘yes’ to your uni course of choice that little bit more quickly!

What if your BTEC results are higher than the entry requirements for your university course?

Well, that’s fantastic! it means you’re all set for UCAS Adjustment. This lets you apply for uni courses with higher entry requirements (so long as there are still places available).

It’s also a fab idea to phone and chat with the university tutors to chat through what’s involved in the course. Our guide to UCAS Clearing will help you through the process.

What if your BTEC results aren’t quite enough to get you an unconditional university offer?

Never fear – you can check your insurance offer and also apply for UCAS Clearing. You’ll have a head start on A-level students if you get your BTEC results before A-level results day, which is on 13th August.

You’ve got your BTEC results – what next?

However you did in your results, you have all kinds of options ahead of you. A few options to explore include:

There are so many paths to personal success and a rewarding life and career.


Congratulations for getting your BTEC results on the big day! You’ve dealt with a really tricky situation, and in spite of the pandemic you have achieved your BTECs, so a massive well done to you!

Give yourself some much-deserved time to celebrate, whatever your results were, and then you can approach all your options for next steps with an open mind.

Remember that there are a million ways to happiness and a career and future that’s a good fit for you. You don’t have to put yourself on the spot and you have a lot of potential opportunities to explore with our Young Professional free skills training, Careers Hub and Young People Hub.

CONGRATS! You’ve taken on BTECs like a champ and the best is yet to come!

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