GCSE results

What Comes Next after GCSEs Results Day?

GCSE Results Day is on Thursday 23rd August 2018. When GCSE Results Day comes round you know it’s time to […]

uk student helplines

UK Student Helplines and Support Resources

UK students – if you’re feeling held back or stressed or you’re not sure what to do next in life, […]

stay calm exam results

Ways to stay calm and reduce anxiety the day before results day

Stress has a way of building up as results day approaches. It’s fine and natural to have butterflies in your […]

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What to do on A-level results day 2018

A-level results day in the UK is Thursday 16th August 2018. What actually happens on the day? Explore all the […]

things you need to do before a level results day

4 Things you need to do before A-level Results Day

When do A-level results come out in 2018? A-level results day for 2018 in England is 16th August 2018. In […]

exam results helpline poster

Exam Results Helpline Poster 2018

Results day is nearly here… and your trusty Exam Results Helpline opens on 7th August for Scottish students and 16th […]

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What to do the day before an exam: A pre-exam checklist

Okay, so it’s the day before an exam. It’s the perfect time to ready yourself so that you wake up […]

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Exam stress relief – ways to calm exam nerves

Exam stress is natural. With calmness techniques, a look at what you eat, and some small but useful ways to […]

exam results helpline

Exam Results Helpline returns in August 2018

Save the number: 0808 100 8000. What is the Exam Results Helpline? Every year thousands of students (and parents/carers) call […]

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Are exams important? Check out 9 reasons to make revising for exams a priority.

Are exams important? Don’t worry – you’ll have lots of options open to you, however well you do in exams. […]