why study BTEC

Why study a BTEC? Advice for students

Decisions, decisions! Where do you see yourself in the next five years? That’s the million dollar question. We can’t see […]

BTEC grading advice

How are BTECs graded and assessed?

BTECs are qualifications that offer something for everyone. Whether your next step is university or getting a job, a BTEC […]

BTEC Sharmadean Reid MBE

What next after BTEC? University or get a job?

Nearly 1 in 4 students getting into university are doing so after studying BTECs. And employers love the practicals skills […]

Max Whitlock BTEC

What is a BTEC and why is it seen as a popular alternative to A levels?

BTEC stands for the Business and Technology Education Council. A BTEC is a qualification that’s based on practical study rather […]