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EY Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Innovation

What is the EY degree apprenticeship in digital innovation?

Technology is disrupting the world of business at a scale and rate we’ve never known before. The EY Degree Apprenticeship in Digital innovation will ensure that you develop the skills and experience needed to lead our business in the future,

A degree apprenticeship is an opportunity to work with us here at EY as a school leaver once you’ve achieved 3 A-levels, 5 Highers or equivalent qualifications. Whichever of our five service lines you choose to join, you’ll earn a salary doing vital work for the company, embedding digital into your career. You’ll also study for a degree at the same time.

The difference between a degree with EY and a degree at university? You won’t have to pay a penny in student fees.

Apply now for an EY degree apprenticeship in digital innovation in one of our five service chains…


Become part of the team changing the way we deliver tax services to our clients.

Degree apprenticeship: London.

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Work on the delivery of innovative software solutions to some of our client’s biggest technology challenges.

Degree apprenticeship: London.

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Work on the delivery of innovative software solutions to some of our client’s biggest technology challenges.

Degree apprenticeship: London.

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Work on the delivery of innovative software solutions to some of our client’s biggest technology challenges.

Degree apprenticeship: London.

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Use data to unlock business potential and software development to build future tech solutions.

Degree apprenticeships: Birmingham, Leeds, London, Newcastle, Reading.

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Having gained a grounding in the IT aspects of finance industry and exposure to our large client base, you’ll have a treasure trove of practical experience along with the theoretical knowledge you’ve acquired from studying for a degree. This will open up opportunities both inside and outside EY.

What entry qualifications do you need?

Entry qualification requirements:

  • Still studying? You must be completing 3 A levels, 5 Highers or equivalent.
  • Left school? You’ll have achieved 3 A levels, 5 Highers or equivalent qualifications.

There are no required topics of study, and you don’t need to have any prior technical experience or qualifications – we are looking for people who are passionate about

technology and have a strong desire to learn.

The EY Degree Apprenticeship is a government accredited apprenticeship. In order to be eligible to apply, at the time of commencing your apprenticeship you have to be:

  • 16 years old or over
  • Not in full-time education
  • Not in receipt of government funding for further education, higher education or learning support
  • In possession of UK/EEA Nationality or Permanent Residency Status – you’ll have been living in the UK/EEA for at least 3 years prior to starting your apprenticeship.

What support and qualifications will you receive?

Here at EY, we understand the young people are the future of digital – and the future of finance. You can expect first class training and support throughout your degree apprenticeship with EY.

So how does it work? You’ll spend 80% of your time on the job training and 20% of your time off the job, studying towards your degree qualification, helping you to develop in-demand digital skills that will prepare you for the workplace of the future. You’ll specialise in either data analytics or software development, creating innovative solutions for our clients.

Degree apprenticeship pportunities are available across all our service lines – Assurance, Consulting, Tax, PAS & Transactions, with training delivered by ADA – the National College for Digital Skills and QA Apprenticeships depending on which service line you join.

Then there’s the practical, hands-on side of things. You’ll build on your theoretical skills in our teams with our clients in between your block release sessions. As well as your technical training, you’ll develop essential know-how through a range of activities. Over four years of training and education you can expect to experience web-based learning, shadowing senior colleagues and team members, and training courses with EY’s in-house experts. You’ll be assigned a career counsellor on day one who’ll work closely with you to identify your strengths and help you grow in your career.

What qualities and skills do you need to apply?

We’ll want you to demonstrate these life and work skills when you apply for an EY Degree Apprenticeship:

  • Teamwork skills, so you can work well in a team.
  • Self-management skills, so you can work independently (on your own) once someone has shown you what to do.
  • Self-belief, confidence and a positive attitude to make the most of your time with us.
  • Good organisation skills.
  • A level of maturity – we want to see you have a professional attitude and look forward to fitting into a work environment.
  • A willingness to work hard and engage in personal development (develop as a person) as well as build your professional skills.

Your application will shine even brighter if you have good school grades in Maths and English, and you can show you’ve taken part in extra-curricular interests to showcase your skills.

What are the perks?

  • You’ll gain four years’ worth of practical industry experience with one of the world’s leading financial services companies.
  • You’ll be well-placed to further your career.
  • You’ll have a nationally-recognised digital degree you didn’t have to pay for.
  • You’ll be part of a company that tirelessly supports the development of young people. Visit our careers page to see what other apprentices say about us!

If you’re ready to put your all into something different and want to work for an inclusive employer with global business influence, apply for a degree apprenticeship in digital innovation with EY.

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For smart, curious school leavers, working at EY offers the opportunity to change how world-leading organisations do business. Shape your career your way.

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