Tasty Careers

Have You Thought About Tasty Careers?

Tasty careers are all about food and drink!

The Food and Drink industry is an exciting place to work.

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a scientist, engineer, marketer or a photographer there’s loads of exciting things you could do in the Food and Drink industry!

Did you know?

Over 10,000 businesses operate in the food and drink sector and they employ over 450,000
people. We are the biggest manufacturing sector in the UK.

From designing high tech robots to developing new products and everything in between the Food and Drink industry is not only tasty,
it’s fast moving, creative and innovative. One thing is for certain, people will always have to eat, so the industry will always have customers and will need a workforce to meet those customer’s needs.

As a young person, do you want to feel really wanted and valued in your career? If so, use your loaf and choose tasty careers – because an additional 140,000 people will be needed by 2024 to feed a growing population!

Tasty Career Facts

Nothing can stop tasty careers! We’ve kept on going in times of trouble, including the pandemic, and we just keep on growing!

The sky’s the limit with tasty careers! You can have a well-paid job for life in the wonderful world of food and drink.

Touch the future with your fingertips with tasty careers! Think bold and grow the kind of future you want to see. We care about the environment and the latest technology too.

Find YOUR Food And Drink Career

Tasty Careers is your one stop shop to finding a Tasty Career in the food & drink industry. If you want to find out more about a specific career, hear from people already in the industry or are finding job hunting a bit unsavoury, then look no further – we can help!

"I was brought up repairing vehicles. I found the apprenticeship and didn’t hesitate to apply."

Jennifer, Apprentice Engineer

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"The best bit is the variety of tasks I am involved in. My days can change very quickly."

Alex, Commercial Manager Degree Apprentice

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"I am currently studying CIMA and for every level that I pass, I receive a salary increase."

Jas, Finance Graduate

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