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Are you a school or college leaver, or are you looking for an opportunity to start or try a new career? Remit Training is a national training provider and we’re on a mission to help you find a career you love, through high-quality Traineeships and Apprenticeships.

When you are starting your career it is great to have both qualifications and work experience, and with Apprenticeships and Traineeships, that’s exactly what you get.

Get experience AND qualifications

A Traineeship is an ideal way for you to gain valuable work experience in an industry and with an employer – so you can find out if it’s the right thing for you and also for the company to get to know you. Many employers offer Traineeships because they are looking to recruit new employees or take on an apprentice. When you are looking for a new job, employers often ask for relevant work experience, which is hard to get before you actually have the job, but with Traineeships, that’s what you’ll gain. So it’s a brilliant way to get your foot in the door and give you the advantage over others.

Once you’ve decided what you want to do, an Apprenticeship is a fantastic way to fast forward to a career of your choice. You’ll be employed by a business, be paid a salary, receive industry designed training and learn from real experts. You gain the skills that employers want and there are different levels you can do depending upon your previous experience and qualifications. Many apprentices love the change from being at school, college or university as they can develop relevant, real-life skills in real jobs and gain a qualification at the same time.


About our Traineeships

Gain work experience and a qualification

As part of our mission to Train the Nation, and develop the talented employees that businesses need, Remit Training is offering a new generation of Traineeships as a great way to learn the skills and get the work experience you need to build a successful career.

Remit Training works with some well-known national brands as well as some great local and regional companies. Our Traineeships are available in a range of sectors from Automotive, Business and Administration, Hospitality and IT.

Our Traineeships are available to anyone aged 19 – 24 , as long as you don’t have a qualification at Level 4 or above.

What’s included in a Traineeship?

A Traineeship is an 8-week course with a high-quality work experience placement.

Your Traineeship will include:

  • 5 weeks of work preparation training
  • A quality work experience placement of at least 70 hours with a local employer
  • Support with maths, English and digital skills
  • An interview and review session at the end of your Traineeship
  • A certificated vocational qualification
  • Support with your CV and covering letter
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About our Apprenticeships

A job and an industry-recognised qualification

An Apprenticeship is a training programme that combines on-the-job training and study for a specific career.

You’ll be employed by a company to do a real job, working alongside other team members who are not apprentices. You’ll also receive support and training in the workplace and/or possibly attend a training academy such as Remit’s automotive academy.

At the end of our training programme, you’ll receive a nationally recognised qualification and often apprentices stay with and continue to progress their career with their employer. Many businesses today want to have skilled colleagues in their teams that they can train and that have the skills that they need now and in the future so they see Apprenticeships as an important part of their recruitment strategy.

Finding the right Apprenticeship

Which Apprenticeship fits your experience, qualifications and interests?

Apprenticeships are open to all ages and there are different levels depending upon your previous experience and qualifications, so you can start an Apprenticeship straight after school, after college, after university or even when you’re already working.

At Remit, we’ve worked with over 700 employers and trained over 40,000 apprentices and offer training programmes in IT, Automotive, Marketing, Management, Business, Hospitality, Retail, Food, and Care.

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We’ve helped 40,000 apprentices find workplaces

Matching great people with great employers is in our blood. We’re passionate about Apprenticeship qualifications and supporting young people to find their perfect career path. Don’t just take our word for it.

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What do our learners say?

"I work as a Race Mechanic Apprentice for Ebor GT York. It’s not just jobs for the boys in Automotive!"

Vicky, Automotive Apprentice

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"I like the idea of being able to work, earn and gain a qualification at the same time. The best of both worlds!"

Samah, Business Administration Apprentice

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"I didn't know what to expect. I did my first day and I absolutely loved it. I would say just go for it."

Shanice, Vehical Paint Technician Apprentice

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Dalycom have what I.T. takes to offer an incredible apprenticeship experience.

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