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Who are OneAIM? What makes us different?

Welcome to a world of bright lights, big cities! We’re not on some outdated power trip when we say the UK needs sustainable power to keep its homes and cities shining bright for generations to come. As the team delivering the Operation Site Works (OSW) Framework at Sellafield Site, everyone at OneAIM thinks big when it comes to keeping the UK fuelled up and ready to go.

Diversity is so important in the world of construction these days. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is – the construction sector has so many roles on offer that you might be surprised at the variety of skills and interests they’re looking for (no hard hats required). If you’re motivated and seeking exciting job opportunities with incredible career development potential, we’d love you to join us here at OneAIM.

Construction careers have CHANGED.

Still reading? Good, because the world of UK construction is in the grip of a skills shortage. What does that mean for you? It means there are lots of amazing career opportunities for young go-getters. All you have to do is step forward to seize those opportunities, and you could fly far and high.

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Construction myths:

  • You have to do physical work outside
  • No girls allowed
  • No career progression

Construction facts:

  • Varied careers for all interests/backgrounds
  • Inspiring apprenticeships/graduate roles
  • Great career development/salary prospects

Build the foundations of a powerhouse career:

The construction industry has CHANGED

Young professionals like YOU are in demand

Think construction isn't for you? THINK AGAIN

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Starting out in construction careers

When most people think of construction, the reality is, they think of men with tools. That was the case a few decades ago, but the construction industry has changed. We still need people with tools to work on site, but we also need planners, cost engineers, quantity surveyors, buyers, administrators and health and safety professionals (to name a few!).

On site, our early career roles are mainly through site-based apprenticeships. Annually we recruit electrical and mechanical apprentices.

In our offices, entry roles are typically in admin roles – no hard hat required! When you join our team you get performance reviews so that you can get feedback, support and acknowledgment for all the effort you’ve put in. PLUS: We invest in training every year to help develop everyone in the OneAIM work family (which is made up of 50% Interserve and 50% Wood, with a team of over 300 people – so that’s plenty of people who have got your back).

We also support T-Qual placements through Lakes College.

OneAIM: Caring for the UK now and in the future

When it comes to power stations, it’s important to keep the UK running. It’s also important to think about sustainable energy that lasts and lasts.

As well as that, here at OneAIM we think about the local community. We provide jobs and take community needs into account with any work we do. When you join us, we’ll all move forward as a country – together.

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