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Helping bright young disadvantaged people into meaningful work

Apprenticeships with major employers and meaningful salaries

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Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Greenock, Liverpool, London, Manchester, and Southend-on-sea

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Leadership Through Sport & Business is a social mobility charity that supports bright young people from disadvantaged backgrounds into meaningful roles with major firms. We make sure those at risk of under-employment find careers equal to their ambition and ability, and can contribute from their first day on the job.

Get your leadership qualities seen

We focus attention on communities where leadership potential is often wasted. We empower young people in the locations that we work to become future business leaders.

We're here to help you overcome barriers

We address all forms of disadvantage: personal, in terms of adverse life events; socio-economic, in terms of class boundaries or lack of social capital; and practical, in terms of preparation young people need for the working world.

Our impact on young people

Get placed with employers who recognise your potential

Employers increasingly recognise the importance of recruiting young talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. 90% of our employers find that recruiting through LTSB is an effective way of finding diverse, capable young people for entry-level positions, and 83% of our employers agree that our apprentices have been a positive influence on the workplace.

It's not just about how you did at school

Our candidates are capable of making a valuable contribution to an employer but they are held back by a lack of social capital and life skills. Schools do not adequately prepare them for the world of work, which is why we put so much importance on the pre-work phase of our programme.

We're a charity who's here to help

Young people in the areas where we work need help to overcome a variety of barriers, lack of opportunity and often generations of unemployment. We provide them with a real chance and a helping hand to ignite their spark and to develop into well rounded members of their community and dedicated, hard working employees who can ultimately become leaders, movers and shakers.

Did you know?

Since 2012, LTSB has transformed the lives of hundreds of young people from disadvantaged
backgrounds, opening up opportunities they deserve. To join them, scroll down to find out how you can apply for LTSB programmes yourself.

Apply for our LTSB Programmes

How to apply

Choose the programme of your choice from the links below.

Contact Centre Digital User Digital & Technology Solutions Software Developer Customer Service

Your next steps…

Click the Apply button to complete our application form. This will ask you certain questions about which location you’re applying for, your skills and your background to check your eligibility.

You can expect to receive a follow-up phone call from one of the LTSB Team. This will be to find out a little more about you and why you want to get into your chosen apprenticeship.

Eligible candidates will then be invited to a selection day which will take place either face to face or online,

Successful candidates will be offered a place on the Bootcamp!

Can I still take part in the LTSB Programmes and still be eligible for Universal Credit?

Please inform your work coach if you are offered a place on an LTSB programme, but yes, in principle you should be able to take part. Please check our website under FAQs, which may help your work coach to understand how it works:

What Salary Can I expect?

For our Business and Finance Programme, starting salaries will be set by the specific employer. For the next Bootcamp in Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester, the employers we’re working with will be offering salaries of at least £16,000.

For our NatWest Programmes, salary is dependant on location and Apprenticeship. You can find out salaries for your chosen apprenticeship on our website.

What Do I need To Apply For These LTSB Programmes?

Eligibility Requirements:

NatWest Group Apprenticeships: You must be aged 16 – 24.

Business and Finance programme: You must be aged 18 – 21.

Who We Are Looking For:

These roles are open to people of any background. We are specifically looking for young people who were eligible for free school meals, or from areas of low attainment, or have faced personal disadvantage. For specific entry requirements please visit our website.

Tell Me More…

Apprenticeship opportunities are designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be successful in the role. There needs to be the potential for the significant development of capabilities and competence during the programme for you to be eligible.

You won’t be able to join the programme if you have the same or equivalent qualification, or work experience at a similar level in a similar field. This may include a related apprenticeship, a university degree or a role in which you may have developed similar skills.

We’ll carry out an eligibility check as part of the application process.

"We help young people realise their dream careers and offer unique support to help them get there. LTSB gives young people hope and is proven to change their lives, training them all to go on and become future successful leaders in their own right."

Chris Oliver, LTSB Programme Manager – Natwest Contact Centre
"Too many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds become defined by what they're doing out of necessity.

LTSB gave me wings to realise what I was capable of."

Agnes Thiong'o, Audit Assistant and eastern region Apprentice of the Year 2021
"Not every young person has the same beginning in life. Without support to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence, many bright and motivated young people can find themselves trapped in underemployment. LTSB is that support."

Danya Defraytus, LTSB Programme Manager – Business & Finance

Career Support And Opportunities

We've partnered with Natwest Group to present a wide range of Apprenticeships to apply for. Keep checking back for additional career support and opportunities.