How to answer these three top interview questions

Interview questions

Interview Questions

So, you’ve struggled through the application stage and managed to land yourself a big interview. Firstly, congratulations on getting through the application stage! Now it is your chance to show an employer what you are made of face to face. Once the excitement wears off the panic can set in, “what interview questions will I get asked?” and “how do I prepare?”

Interviews come in all shapes and sizes, they can be big interviews at the end of an assessment centre, an informal chat with your potential new boss, competency based, skills based or potential based – that is already a lot to think about!  We will be covering each interview type in the weeks to come but we caught up youth YEUK Ambassador Courtney who shared her tips on the questions you will (mostly likely) get asked in every interview AND how you can prepare!

Top three questions asked in (almost) every interview!

Interview questions

Q1.Why have you applied for this position in our company?

Probably the start to every interview! With this question it is very important to think it through before arriving; it is very easy to say too much and still not answer the question but by planning in advance you will be able to lay out a few key points.

Ideally you want to show the employer that you have done research on the company and you have a good understanding of the role you are applying for. A company website or social media page is your best friend! Have a really good look on there to learn about the company and what they stand for. Have they done any charity events? Do they have a good social media rapport? Also, take a good look at the job advert/description to see if there’s a person specification; if so describe why you are a great fit for what they are looking for! For example: ‘I have applied for this vacancy because it is a perfect match for my skill set…’ or ‘I have applied for this vacancy with your company as I was impressed by your fantastic rapport on social media…’. If you’ve done your research you will be able to speak confidently about the company and role.

Q2. What can you tell me about yourself?

  • This question can leave even the most confident candidates rambling or in total silence! You want to avoid saying so much that it comes across in a ramble, but you want to say enough that they employer gets a good idea of who you are and more importantly why you would be a great asset to their company! If you speak about yourself in an expanded summary it will allow you to get across some clear points with explanation. The employer wants to know about your previous success and achievements; for example if you’ve implemented or come up with an idea to make positive changes in previous work now is your opportunity to tell them! You also need to comment on your strengths and abilities; for example you are capable of meeting deadlines, have great time management etc. Remember, you know you the best so let them know!

Q3. What motivates you?

    This will vary from person to person and really there’s no wrong answer! For many people motivation comes from growth or progression, others the financial benefits and for some the ability to provide for their family. These are all very valid and good points to make. When answering this question think about: What do you enjoy? What do you value? What do you look to gain from coming to work? A good way to prepare for this question is by thinking of what has motivated you in previous work/assignments and what is your main goal from going to work. There is no perfect answer to this question and you answer is personal to you, but what this tells the employer in what really makes you come to work everyday.

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