What to do on A-level results day 2019

A-level results day advice

A-level results day in the UK is Thursday 15th August 2019. What actually happens on the day? Explore all the options available.

When do I get to pick up my A-level results?

Schools and colleges will generally allow you to pick up your A-level results any time after 6am on results day. But who wants to get their hands on such big news feeling tired and fuzzy and hungry early in the morning? Check your school or college for their exact opening and closing times. You can do this on the day, but it’s better to do it in advance: see our guide to 4 things you need to do before A-level Results Day.

If you registered for MySQA in Scotland you can check your results on the day they’re announced from 8am. You can also call your school or college to find out what your grades are.

UCAS will typically pick up your A-level results around 8am from your school or college. Once it has done so it will update Track. However, there might be some delay because all the A-level students will be checking UCAS at the same time to see if they’ve received university offers.

Remember, you can’t add a Clearing choice with Track until 3pm on A-level results day. That’s when the UCAS search tool will display the official Clearing list. If you want to find out about your offers ASAP, you can get in touch with universities directly.

Do I need to bring anything when I pick up my A-level results?

Picking up your results in school or college? You won’t be surprised to hear it’s useful to bring a fully charged phone, a notepad and something to write with.

However, if you’re applying to university, you also need to bring everything you’d need to apply through Clearing if your results are not what you expected.

Make sure to bring:

  • Any info you have on conditional offers
  • A list of university contact numbers so you can get in touch with them quickly once you know your results
  • Your UCAS Track number
  • The UCAS and Clearing numbers for your chosen universities
  • A list of questions to ask course tutoris (you will hopefully have figured out what you’d like to ask them from any previous research on your chosen courses/universities you’ve done)
  • Your personal statement
  • Your GCSE results

Yes, it sounds like a lot. It’s all paper, so it doesn’t take up much space. But it’s lots of fiddly info, so don’t stress yourself by trying to compile it all on results day. Make sure you’ve prepared all this information in advance.

What will UCAS Track show me on A-level results day?

IMPORTANT – UCAS Track can’t show you your A-level results. It can only show you information about university offers.

If you’ve applied for university, UCAS Track will show you which universities accepted your offer, which offered you a similar course instead, and which didn’t accept your offer, which means you’ll be eligible to enter Clearing. Not sure what Clearing is? Check our guide to what UCAS application terms mean.

Can I still get my A-level results if I’m on holiday?

On the whole, it’s better to make sure you’re in the country and available when A-level results day rolls around. But what if that’s not possible? There are options, but you DO have to make sure you are at least contactable.

Have you applied to university? If you can get online while you’re on your hols, you can log into Track from 8am onwards to find out more about offers from your chosen universities. Remember to allow for any time zone differences if you’re abroad. Also, remember that Track can’t show you your A-level results – it can only show you information about university offers. PLUS: Before you go, make sure that Track has got the correct personal details for you.

You can also nominate a parent or guardian to access Track and make changes with your permission. If you nominated someone in your original application, that’s all sorted and you can breathe a sigh of relief. Otherwise, speak to UCAS to make sure your chosen person gets access to Track. They can then collect your A-level results from your school or college office if they have a filled-in permissions slip.

What do I do if I meet my university’s offer? What if I didn’t get the grades I expected?

You can find out more information on what to do next about offers, unexpected grades and Clearance in our guide to what happens next after A-level results day.

Don’t forget, you can always phone the Exam Results Helpline which will open for A-level results on 16th August for anything you need to know.

Results day is a big day. A time to celebrate the final end of exams. And a day to think about what you want in life and how to get it. So get through all the admin… then treat yourself!

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