This A level Results Day Webinar Answers Student FAQs

Not sure what to expect on A level results day? Watch this webinar from Youth Employment UK to get answers to all your questions.

The webinar was hosted by Steve Keith, The Branding Man, Careers and Guidance Expert Julie Poppleton, Sharon Blyfield and Samah from Coca-Cola European Partners and Youth Employment UK Ambassador Cerys. The webinar was attended by this year’s A Level students asking experts, employers, graduates and school leavers who have been working through the pandemic asking the burning questions you NEED to know!

Watch the A Level Results Day Webinar below…

FAQs answered in the webinar include:


  • When getting our results from our respective colleges, what measures are in place to decrease the risk of corona and how will we know what they are? Are we meant to book an appointment?

Going to University

  • How does one know whether a course/university is right for them if they cannot go and visit and try it out for themselves due to fear of corona?
  • How do you know where to look when trying to find what a university wants in terms of grades?

Apprenticeships and employment

  • How does one find legitimate apprenticeship offers online?
  • What are employers looking for from young people? Has it changed since COVID?
  • Will employers trust the grades I get if I haven’t actually taken the exams?
  • Should I do an apprenticeship?

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