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Aged 17-19? Becoming a test purchaser with the Youth Friendly ACC Scheme is a great option if you want part-time flexible work. Here are six great reasons to give it a go.

What is the ACC Scheme?

ACC stands for Age Check Certification. It is an independent, third-party service that makes sure that age-check systems work. It is also a Youth Friendly Employer. The ACC Scheme provide validation and certification to any businesses that deal with age checks, including Proof-of-Age ID providers and any business selling age-restricted goods or services. This helps to make companies are complying with the law and also helps to keep children and young people safe.

If you are aged 17-20 and live in the UK, you can build your skills, CV and earnings as a Test Purchaser with the ACC Scheme!

What Does a Test Purchaser Do?

A Test Purchaser attempts to purchase age-restricted products and services (both in-store and online) such as alcohol, tobacco, fireworks, knives, and gambling services. The purpose of this is to check that those retailers and service providers are asking for identification when they should be.

You might also be asked to sign up for online accounts or test online age estimation tools and other biometric systems.

All Test Purchasers are 17-19 years old and are typically asked to test purchase products where they are 1-2 years older than the age check (e.g. a 16+ age restricted product would be test purchased by a 17 or 18 year old.)

The ACC Test Purchasing Scheme runs through a free app, which other young Test Purchasers say is user-friendly and simple to use.

Are you interested becoming a Test Purchaser? Here are six great reasons to take the plunge. Read on, then apply!

1. No experience or qualifications required

Test purchasers must have finished secondary school but do not require any additional qualifications apart from that. You do not need to have any experience and the only requirements are that you’re honest, discreet, and a good communicator.

You’ll also need the right to work in the UK, a working smartphone, a Paypal account, and means of transport.

2. Full training and accreditation provided

All test purchasers will receive online training via a 20-minute webinar. You’ll also go through an online induction process and, once you’ve taken some competency assessments including some real-world visits, you’ll get an independently accredited qualification in mystery shopping.

This looks great on your CV and could even help you land more work in the future. Though the ACC Scheme only employs young people as Test Purchasers, there are also many other mystery shopping jobs you could do later on.

3. Build your skills and CV

Many young people are worried about not having enough experience to put on their CV when they leave school or university. Working as a Test Purchaser gives you real-world work experience and helps you to build your skills.

The transferable skills you’ll gain or develop through working as a Test Purchaser include working under your own initiative, reliability, timely and honest reporting, and tact and discretion. This is all in addition to the mystery shopping qualification you’ll receive!

4. Work where and when you want

The ACC Scheme employs Test Purchasers all over the UK. Wherever you’re based, you’ll be sent jobs near to where you are.

Once you’ve chosen the visits you want to do, you can do them at a time to suit you within a 1-2 week window. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Once you’ve done the job, you’ll need to fill in a short questionnaire about it, indicating whether or not you were asked for ID.

If you’re studying, working another job, or have lots of other commitments, working as a Test Purchaser is just about the most flexible part-time job you can do.

5. Earn good money

The ACC Scheme is an accredited Living Wage Employer. The Living Wage is a rate above the National Minimum Wage which takes into account cost of living. At the moment, it starts from £10.85 per hour in London, and £9.50 per hour in the rest of the UK. This means you’ll earn more per hour as a Test Purchaser than in many other part-time jobs (the current minimum wage for 18-20 year olds is £6.56 per hour.)

The ACC Scheme will not only pay you for your time, but will also reimburse you for reasonable travel expenses and the products you have to buy in the course of your work. You’ll get paid into your Paypal account every two weeks.

6. Make a positive difference

Age checks for restricted products and services are not just about complying with the law. They are also important because they help to keep children and minors safe. By working as a Test Purchaser, you’ll be helping to ensure that age-restricted products and services don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Test Purchasers say that the work is rewarding because they get to make a real, positive impact by ensuring that age checks are properly followed.

How to Get Started

Applying to become a Test Purchaser is easy! Just download the free app, fill in your details, and send your application. Once you’re verified, you will get full access to the app, where you can complete your training and then start work.

Good luck!

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Becoming a Test Purchaser with the ACC Scheme

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